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Francis Tredwell (1801-1847)

Eldest son of William and Elizabeth:

Francis` father William had been a canal worker but his children appear to have seen the opportunities as Contractors, particularly with the introduction of the railways.

Francis (1799-1847) – (Contractor for Public Works)

Francis was born 5 December 1799 and baptised 4 February 1801 in Bradford On Avon, Wiltshire. Francis married Esther Piercy at St Peter`s Worcester 23 June 1822. It would seem he was in business partnership with his younger brothers Thomas, William and Solomon. Judging by the birthplaces for the children this family too moved around quite a bit – more than likely because of Francis’ work in connection with the railways. Francis and Esther had ten children:

Francis and Esther are first found in 1841 living in Folkestone. Francis was involved in the harbour and quay works and repairs. They are with children William, Ann, Emma, Sophia, Eliza and John. Francis is a railroad contractor. Their oldest daughter Elizabeth is already married to John Harding (then a plate layer) and living also in Folkestone with their 11 month old son John, born in Kent. Mary was living with husband William Copple (loco engine driver) in Southampton.

Francis died 1847 leaving a sizeable inheritance. (Will held). In his Will (dated 11th August 1845 and written in Folkestone) he mentions his brothers John of Aston and Thomas of Burbridge. Also his wife Esther. He leaves £3,000 to each of his children except Mary who receives £2,000 and Ann £500 – what did she do? Francis is buried in Hartlebury, Worcester, so it appears the family returned to this area sometime between 1845 and 1847.

Elizabeth (bapt. 1822 Stoke Prior) married John Harding, railroad contractor. It could be possible that they were married in Folkestone, Kent where Elizabeth would have been with her family.  In 1841 she and John and son John Francis (11 months) are living in Fancy (?) Street in Folkestone.  By 1851, John and Elizabeth are in Stourbridge, Worcs. with son William aged 6 (b. Glos).    Also with them is Sarah Ann Tredwell, daughter of John and Maria Tredwell (kinship yet to be confirmed). John Francis is at school in Aston, Birmingham and also with him is a John Tredwell aged 13 born in East India.  In 1861 John snr and son William are lodging in Fernilee, Derbys. (both plate layers on the railway). Meanwhile Elizabeth and a further son Martin Thomas aged 4 (b. Fakenham, Norfolk) are back in Witton, Droitwich, along with Esther, Elizabeth`s widowed mother.  There is no trace of any of this family in 1861 and it is possible they moved abroad. Descendants possibly lived in Br. Guyana (contents of Mary`s (Elizabeth`s sister) Will wherein Mabella Harding daughter of Martin Harding of Demerara was mentioned). In 1871 John Francis Harding appears at 4 Berkeley St. Gloucester with his wife Cecilia (Harris, daughter of Thomas Harris, Farmer of Droitwich).  They married on 22 July 1867 in Weston Super Mare.  In 1881 they are in High Street, Stourbridge with daughter Cecilia aged 4. John is a railway labourer.  In 1891 they are in Pangbourne, Berks.

Mary (bapt. 1824 Stoke Prior) who married William Copple in 1839 at St Giles, Cripplegate, London – no children.  On the marriage certificate Mary`s abode is 21 Red Cross Square and she is of full age.  As her baptism is 1824 and if this is her birth as well then she was well under age.  Unfortunately every census return gives a different age for her.  No Tredwells as witnesses. William died 1878 in Droitwich and Mary died 1910. She lived in Witton all her life. In her Will she left monies to her sisters Emma Bourne and Eliza Wheeler, her brother Solomon and Jane his wife. Also to her nieces Mary Catherine Bell Lowe, Ann Eliza Lowe, Caroline Sophia Goddard, Catherine Sophia Wheeler, Maude Seymour (wife of Fred. Seymour), Clara Dolly Seymour, Kathleen Nora and Edith Tredwell. To nephews William Lowe (Chris), Frederick and John Francis Wheeler, Jack, Sydney and Martin Tredwell.  Also to Mabella Harding, daughter of Martin Harding of Demerara.  Mary Catherine Bell Lowe lived with Mary for many years.

William (b. Birmingham 1825).  Born 17 November 1825 and baptised 12 December 1825 at St Philip, Birmingham. Residence of Francis and Esther Navigation Street and Francis is an Overseer of Navigators. In 1851 William is living with his widowed mother and sister Sophia in Witton, Droitwich. In 1861 he is on his own, but status as married (no marriage found as yet), still in Witton and is a proprietor of houses. William has proved quite an enigma for myself and a few other researchers. In 1871 William is in Town Lane, Shepton Mallet with his ‘wife’ Mary A and son William S. However, no birth could be found for William Solomon, although a marriage has been found for William and Mary Partridge on 2 July 1876. William was a widower and Mary was a widow and her maiden name was Harris (daughter of Thomas Harris, Farmer of Droitwich) and it would appear sister to Cecilia, wife of John Francis Harding above.  Also with them on the 1871 census was a ‘niece’ Lucy Partridge, so following this as a clue I think the mystery has been solved in that Mary Harris had been married to Henry Partridge in 1850 and they had 3 children, Henry, Lucy and John (1861 census, Droitwich).  A birth was then found for William Solomon Partridge 18th July 1861.  It looks as though Henry died and William and Mary then had the children with them.  In 1881 William, Mary, John, Lucy and William Solomon are living at 127 Overend St. West Bromwich. Also it appears as though John changed his name back to Partridge at one point and then on his marriage to Ann Ralph in 1881 his name is John Tredwell Partridge.  William Solomon Tredwell married Frances Emma Greenhall May 9 1886 in West Bromwich.  Mary in 1891 is living with her daughter Lucy and son-in-law William Caldicott and their children William and Esther in John St. Bilston, Staffs. Mary is classed as married. In 1901 the family are still together in Bilston, this time George St. and now including John Henry Caldicott.  Mary is now a widow.  There is a death for Mary Ann Tredwell in 1907.  All very interesting……….  I would like to find out what happened to William Snr.

Ann (b. 1828) Baptised 14 September 1828 Kingswinford, Worcs. married Richard Maxted Stroud in Cheriton, Nr Folkestone July 1845.  Ann was 18 years old and Richard 24 and he was a Postmaster.  No Tredwells appear as witnesses on the marriage certificate.  Due to the relatively paltry sum of  money her father Francis left to Ann compared to her siblings in his Will (made August 1847) leads me to wonder whether this marriage had parental approval.  Francis also stipulated that if Ann die before her 21st birthday this money should revert to his estate. Ann and Richard had a daughter Annie Eliza Tredwell Stroud born 1846 in Folkestone and christened 1850.  In 1851 Annie and her father Richard (widow) are still in Folkestone.  In 1861 Richard has married again (another Ann) and has 3 more children Mary B, Richard M and Elizabeth. He is still in Folkestone and is now a Fishmonger.  No sign of Annie.  In 1867 Annie is marrying Edwin Elijah Lowe (Tailor and Draper) in Swansea, Wales and in 1871 they are living with 2 children Mary B (2) and Christopher (1), both children born in Swansea.  In 1881 Annie and children Mary B, Christopher (9 and born in Hamburg, Germany), William (2 born in Worcester) are living Claines, Worcester.  There is an Edwin Lowe – Draper living in Middlesex – unmarried!.  1891 Mary Catherine Bell Lowe is living with aunt Mary Copple.  Christopher is married and living in Smethwick.

Emma  married John Bourne in 1850 in Droitwich.  In 1851 she is living with his family in Droitwich.  In 1861 they are in Dodderhill area. She was widowed soon after and never remarried.

Sophia (b.1831 Chorley) married Thomas William Goddard, a farmer from Hampshire, in February 1854 in Droitwich.  In 1861 they are living at Murrell Farm, Odiham, Hants. with children Caroline (3) and William (1).  Eldest surviving son Sydney (5) is staying with Uncle Henry Goddard (farmer) in Easthampstead, Berks. Sydney remains a bachelor. Thomas Tredwell Goddard b. 1855 d. 1856.  Further children were Maud, Mary, Clara, Joseph and finally Arthur.  Sophia died 1873.  In 1885 Caroline married John Parsons, licenced victualler and in 1891 they are at the Kings Arms Hotel, Market Place, Newbury.  – 3 children Ethel, Vera Maud and Edgar Tredwell. In 1901 they are all at Pembury Cottage, Newport Road, Aldershot and John is a grocer/carman and in 1911 they are still in Aldershot in Tysons Road, In 1890 Maud married Frederick Seymour (bookmaker – family business it appears) and in 1891 they are living in Henley with 1 month old Frederick.  In 1901 they are in St Marks Road, Henley with Winifred Maud (b.1891) and Ronald Leslie F (b.1893).  In 1911 they have moved to 113 Reading Road, Henley. In 1898 Clara married Frederick`s brother, Thomas Seymour, also a bookmaker and in 1901 and 1911 they are living in 53 Reading Road with son Thomas aged 2 and 12 resp.  Thomas William Goddard remarried in 1875 to Fanny Cooper.

Francis (bapt.1833 Bromsgrove) – nothing known.

Eliza (bapt. Hadzor 1834) married Joseph Wheeler, a Baker and Malster in Droitwich in 1853. In 1861 they are living in St Andrew`s Street with children John Francis ((6), William Tredwell ((5), Joseph Frederick (3) and Catherine Sophia (7mths). In 1871 they are in Briar (?) Mill Road, with William, Sophia, Solomon (7) and Albert (Henry) (4). Joseph is now a farmer employing 1 man.  In 1871 John Francis is staying with a cousin in Birmingham and Joseph is a pupil in Ribbesford.  In 1881 apart from William Tredwell, they are all living in Ombersley Road, Droitwith, Joseph still farming and employing 1 man on 16 acres. William Tredwell Wheeler is now married to Agnes and they have a one year old daughter Alice and live in Leigh. In 1901 Agnes is a widow and living in Arlingham, Glos. with daughters Alice (21), Eliza (19), Nellie (9) and Florence (6). I can`t find them in 1891. In 1911 Agnes, Alice and Florence are living with her daughter Eliza Greenway and her family in Stonehouse, Glos. William died sometime between 1895 and 1901. 1891 finds Joseph and Eliza and family of Frederick, Kate, Solomon and Henry (a mechanical engineer) all living at The Firs, Ombersley Road, Droitwich. In 1901 they are still in Droitwich – Joseph, Eliza, Frederick and Henry.  There were 2 daughters that died in infancy.  Catherine Sophia married Jackson Gabb, Solicitor, in 1900 and in 1901 they are living in Tagwell Road, Droitwich.  John Francis married Henrietta Harris in 1889.  In 1911 he is living in Moseley, Kings Norton with Henrietta and children Florence (20), Frank (16), Mary (14) and Nora (9).

John (b. possibly in East India (see 1851 census) and baptised 4 Sept 1836 Winchfield, Hants  d. 1875 Odiham, Hants.) a farmer of Murrell Green, Odiham, married Anne Lane 1959 Claines, Worcs. Anne died 1871 Odiham – no known children.  Question – did the whole family travel to India?

Solomon (b. 1843 Folkestone, Kent) married Jane Barrett 1st February 1866 at St Saviours, Paddington, Middlesex.  Solomon was a railway contractor.  As I cannot find them on the 1871 census I presume they might have been in Ireland as Catherine Frances their second child was born Knocknadona, Antrim in 1870. (Also in Antrim at this time was Solomon`s cousin – also Solomon (son of William and Martha) – this from William`s Will). Catherine had an older brother John born in Wycombe, Bucks 1867.  In 1881 Solomon, Jane and their family – John,  Kathleen (diff. spelling), Harry (8 died 1888), Norah (6), Myra (4), Sidney (3) and Martin (1) are living in Bettesworth Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight.  In 1891 they are still at the same address this time with Edith aged 9.  In 1901 Solomon, Jane, Kathleen, Norah, and Edith are now at 120 Arthur St. Ryde. Mira died 1896.  Kathleen married Joseph Thompson 1913 and Martin married Gladys Thompson also in 1913.