Henry Bradley (- 1720)

John Howard, Percy, Frederic, John Henry, Benjamin, Thomas, Anthony, HENRY

Descendant Tree

My 6xGt.Grandfather Henry Bradley of Bradbourne, Derbyshire in the 18th Century. 

Henry’s Will and Property Divisions

Henry died in October 1720 and I have a copy of his Will dated July 1720 in which provision is made for his Mother (Anis?) who was obviously living at the time. 

‘I give unto my dearly beloved wife the disposal of one half part of all my household goods to be given amongst all my children as she thinks proper and convenient (excepting ur bed which I allow her to make choice of for her own use out of the whole and the other half I give to my executor.’ Henry leaves her 2 rooms in the home at Bradbourne. It appears he was a man of some property in the surrounding area and into Staffordshire, e.g. Mathfield (to son Henry), Hognaston, Turlowfield and Hallfield (to Joseph).  Anthony appears to have been given £50 and John and Benjamin £200? The daughters were also looked after, Elizabeth, wife of William Greaves and monies of £40 and £60 resp. to their children Sara and William. To daughter Martha, wife of Thomas Buxton and their daughter Sara. Both Elizabeth and Martha their marriage portions being formerly paid to their husbands. To his own daughters Sara and Anise £150 each. £200 each to his sons John and Benjamin To his son Henry`s children Mary and John £5 each.

I have copies of various indentures regarding the transfer of some of these lands.

In an indenture dated 1725 concerning land at Mathfield, Staffs Henry (jnr) is ‘of Woodhead in the parish of Kniveton’, and also including George and Ann Bowers, Anne Mathon and Deborah and Eleanor Mathon.

In an indenture concerning land at Mathfield, Staffs. dated October 1727, Henry Bradley (jnr) is ‘of Woodhead, Kniveton’, and Anthony is ‘of Hallfield’.

Anis and Anthony Bradley

There is an archived document, an obligation, dated December 1689 wherein Anis Bradley and Henry Bradley are administrators for the late Anthony Bradley of Bradbourn (husband of Anis) who died intestate. Henry is the son of Anis and Anthony. The Obligation is that Anis and Henry ‘will faithfully and truly administer goods and chattels by paying his debts so far as you are bound by law…..’

November 12th 1689 – a true and just inventory of all the goods and chattels of Anthony Bradley of Bradbourne lately deceased taken by us who were appraisers of them the day and year above written

The deed goes on to detail e.g. 16 cows, 4 bullocks, 10 stirks, 4 swinter(?) bullocks, 9 calves, 3 mares and foals, 3 colts, 1 mare and 1 small horse, 47 sheep, hay and corn, 1 swine. In the dwelling house 3 tables one form pewter and brass, 2 spitts(?) 6 chairs. In the upper parlour nethor parlour and chambers 5 beds with furniture belonging to them. In the new chamber … 3 chests, linen, and husbandry ware(?) and lumber. The total sum of this is £113 05 00.

Henry’s Children

Henry,and Sarah (?) had 9 children:

Henry (eldest son according to his father`s Will dated 1720) married Mary Brough (daughter of Mr Samuel Brough Rector of Carsington)and had 3 children Mary (bp.Atlow 1716), John (bp. Atlow 1718-1721 Bradbourne) and Sarah (bp 1719 Atlow-1722 Bradbourne).

Elizabeth (bp Bradbourne 1693 -?) married William Greaves and had 2 children Sara and William.

Anthony (bp 1695 Bradbourne – 1760 Bradbourne) married Catherine Wittaker

Martha (bp 1697) married Thomas Buxton 1719 at Bradbourne.

Sarah (not 21 in 1720, – 1724 Bradbourne)

Joseph (not 21 in 1720, – 1772 or 4 Bradbourne) Yeoman, married Thomasin Beresford of Cold Eaton 6 January 1723 at Alsop en le Dale. Thomasin died 1768 at Bradbourne. 4 children, Henry (bp 1725 Bradbourne – 1784 at Bradbourne, of Ashbourne), Mary (bp 1727 Bradbourne – 1802 Bradbourne, of Ashbourne), Anthony (bp 1729 Bradbourne – 1811), a sister ? Anthony married Mary Shaw in 1763 and they had 12 children: Ann (m. John Cooke), Joseph, William, Anthony, Mary, Henry, Sarah, John, Elizabeth (m. John Hayne 1795 – they had a daughter Elizabeth Frances), Judith, Harriet and Samuel. Wills held for John, Judith and their Aunt Mary (spinster) (all of Shawbanks.)


Anice (not 21 in 1720) bur. 1727 Bradbourne)

John (not 21 in 1720)

Benjamin (1707-1780)(not 21 in 1720 re his father`s Will) – according to the Greaves Family History, was vicar at Mayfield 1733-34. Also from the Cambridge Alumni: Coll. Emmanuel entered 1726. B. 1707 died 1780. School Merchant Taylors Matric 1726. BA 1729-30, MA 1737. V. of Mayfield Staffs 1733-5. R. of Knossington Leics. 1736, V. of Stapleford 1768-74. D. Sept. 17 1780 age 72. MI at Cold Orton.  Additionally from the CCED, Rector Thornton-le-Moor 1774-81.  Where was he 1737-68?

Joseph, Sarah, Anice, John and Benjamin were all mentioned in their father Henry`s Will in 1720 as being under the age of 21.

Hallfields today
Hallfields today
Atlow Old Church
Atlow Old Church

These photos very kindly given to me by Val Mason, current resident of Hallfields. Val is also keen to discover more about the Bradley family and is helping with the research as she is very much in the area!

Henry is also described as ‘of Woodhead, Kniveton’ in later legal documents.


Most of this information has been sourced from Derbyshire Record Office and the National Archives.